The Simple Things

Yesterday was a particularly nice day, as I finally got my first book review on Amazon.

It’s always a bit scary putting yourself out there and wondering if something you’ve written will resonate with anybody else. But more than anything else the scariest feeling is the idea that nobody will read it at all. And so just knowing that somebody found the story entertaining and worthwhile put me in a happy place. It might not seem like much, but it definitely meant a lot to me. And it’s pretty surprising how it’s rarely the elaborate things that give us joy in life, but the everyday simple things that can put us into the right mood and give us a sense of peace.

A gesture of kindness from a stranger. A good workout session in the morning that puts you into a productive flow for the rest of the day. Learning something new, and applying it properly to the development of a fresh skill. Or just being able to share a laugh and a smile with the person you love. There’s really hundreds of different experiences throughout the day that make all the difference in our lives. And it hardly ever seems to be the crazy things that actually bring us all our happiness.

I’ve made up my mind to not take any of those things for granted.

Aside from all that, I’ve recently been reading The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett, which I’ve been enjoying immensely. I’d read the Colour of Magic some time ago and loved the voice of the story, but hadn’t gotten around to reading any other Discworld books since then. I was initially intending to read just Mort next as I’d heard that it was one of the best in the series, but I’m instead reading the exact next story and second book.

I’ve read that The Light Fantastic is the only Discworld book that follows directly after the preceding book in plot, but even if the following stories don’t read like an exact continuation of the series I’m feeling altogether hooked and a bit worried since each of these stories costs $10 and there’s 41 of them. I’m getting sucked in, but I’m not entirely sure I mind. It’s been a great read so far and from everything I’ve heard the stories only get better the deeper into the series you go. Reading always puts me into a good mood, and I’m happy to get to experience this story in sips and gulps here and there whenever I have the time.

Just another one of life’s simple pleasures.

29 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. Congrats on your book review! And congrats on getting stuck into Discworld! Since adolescence it’s been an part of my psyche, and ontological understanding of existence. Definitely go in order, even though it’s not essential to the story, and you can find them much cheaper online/charity shops! Enjoy!

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    • Thanks so much! And that’s great advice haha there’s got to be millions of copies of Discworld books floating around at this point hopefully some good bundle deals out there. I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying this series, hope you have an awesome day!

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  2. That’s great about getting some attention to your book! I’ll give it a read when a hard copy comes out. I have an idol worship thing for conventional books. The name Pratchett sounds familiar. Did he write _Thief of Time_? I have a copy of that, so I should look into it. I’m into another one right now: _American Religious Poems_ ed Harold Bloom. It’s an anthology of assorted poets spanning from colonial times to 2002. The definition of “religious” is intentionally broad and blurred. I’m up to Whitman now, which is a big breakthrough in form (no rhyme or meter constraints). And yesterday I rec’d my order of Jung’s Red Book. Perhaps a bit too serious, and definitely too introverted. In a symbolic act, in the afternoon I walked to the nearby Book Share and made a trade: my book debunking belief in the supernatural for _The Pyramid Climbers_, a nonfiction expose on executive America and its damages to individuals. It’s an old book, but it might be OK… Leaves on my maple are all gone gold, and on my oak, red. Fall is so colorful and provocative. After the fog this morning, a 50 percent chance of rain. This blueberry lemonade iced tea is good. As you say, the simple things. This truism never goes stale. I’m in the mood for Carlos Williams, I think. Get high on your success, man! Treat yourself to a calzone or something special. Maybe try something new to you.

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    • Thanks so much Rob! Indeed it is the simple things and a lemonade sounds pretty good right now. That book on executive America being damaging to individuals sounds like it would be a pretty good read. That book of assorted poems sounds fascinating as well, indeed it is the simple things that make up a fulfilling life =)

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  3. The Pyramid author’s name is Vance Packard. Just a social worker and journalist I’d never heard of, which means he must be famous, ha-ha. Fishing through the Book Share offerings is always like a box of chocolates, or going to Grocery Outlet to shop.

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  4. Congratulations Oscar! Wishing you the best of luck in your future publications as well!
    (P.S. I’ve always wanted to become a writer but I keep on lazing off halfway through a story. Any advice?)

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  5. Lovely to read about your first review, many congratulations Oscar. And would you believe it, reading this has lightened my mood and lifted my spirits for the rest of the evening…would this be a simple thing too 😉

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  6. Congratulations on taking that scary first step and publishing your first book; and for receiving such a lovely review for it too! It’s such a terrific feeling when you find out that someone cherishes something that you’ve created.
    How I envy you the thrill of discovering the works of Terry Pratchett! As others have said, definitely read them in order; it’s worth taking your time looking for and finding the next book, sometimes happening upon a copy in a secondhand bookshop or taking advantage of a special offer in a regular bookshop. It all adds to the joy of uncovering the story of the Discworld and becoming acquainted with the characters as they come and go throughout the books. And if you can, look out for the books with the original Josh Kirby covers. Magical!

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    • Thank you so much it is a great feeling! And everybody I’ve spoken with about my just really getting into Discworld has said the same thing haha I certainly should try to find a way to get them in order but I have Mort and I’ve already begun it I hope I haven’t damaged the experience in so doing gah. I’ll certainly keep my eyes peeled for the rest of the series! I’d read about the original editions having his covers but I hadn’t taken a glance at them until your mentioning it just now those covers have a lot more personality than the ones they’re using now I don’t understand why they changed them what in the discworld. I guess they’re just like that for the American editions sigh

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  7. Ah, Oscar, the books are a joy no matter the order you read them. The only thing that might happen is when you read an earlier book, something from Mort might suddenly become clearer as to why it was written, but that’s not detrimental in any way to the enjoyment of the books. Go with what feels right for you …. and what books you can get hold of!
    Josh Kirby’s artwork is beautiful and so intricate. Sadly, he died in 2001 and they brought a chap called Paul Kidby in to continue the work. The format of the books had changed shortly before Josh Kirby’s death so the covers weren’t full images. Paul Kidby’s artwork is good but I don’t think it captures the imagination in quite the same way as Kirby’s work. But, hey, each to their own!
    They keep changing the format of the books over here in the UK too and again since Terry Pratchett’s death. Maybe I’m cynical but I suspect it’s a monetary thing!
    If you can get the original covers they’re good to have (and you have a good number of them to go yet as Josh Kirby’s last book was the 26th one – Thief of Time!). However, if you can’t get them, there are plenty of images on the internet as an alternative including a Josh Kirby webpage dedicated to all of his work.
    Enjoy reading Mort!

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    • Apologies for the very delayed reply I’m very much so enjoying Mort almost finished! =D And thank you so much for the link to Josh Kirby’s art page!! His drawings really are incredibly imaginative and I really wish I could have had some of that art on what few Discworld books I have lmao thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful comment and all the best to you Carole!!


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