Life is good.


I feel like I’ve learned a lot over the last few years, but I’m nowhere near at the bar I’ve set for myself. I’ve paid a pretty heavy price in certain arenas, but I’ve never believed regret to be a productive practice. Things have changed a lot for me recently, for the better. I feel like I’m in better health now than I’ve been in ages. I’ve found myself meditating a lot more consistently, a practice I hope to finally transform into a habit. I’m exercising consistently again. I’m paying greater mind to my nutrition. I feel spiritually stable, relationships are solid, and I’m in a really peaceful place all things considered.

I feel blessed, and I won’t take my blessings for granted. But when it comes to writing, I still don’t have an agent. I take it that means I need to work harder than I have. It’s a longer road than I ever intended, but there’s joy in the process. And I’m feeling happy.

I feel like I’ve caught some breaks lately, but it’s not always easy navigating life. The world’s such a stubborn place. Everything feels so rigid and unbending at times. Very unforgiving terrain. Sometimes you just need a release, before you dive back into finding your way.

Writing can set you free.

25 thoughts on “Catharsis

  1. You have a firm, confident writing style. You might need to put more into your writing to get an agent and/or there might be another or several other ways to get your writing out to the public and to reap financial benefits. Tanya

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    • I really appreciate the kind compliment!! You’re right I definitely do need to put a lot more in I’m close to finishing a new manuscript right now, but I know I’m not yet at the finish line and I definitely need to explore all possible avenues to convert my writing into income. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!! 🙂

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  2. Hi Oscar, and thanks again for encouraging me to keep blogging. You spoke of a literary agent. How far do you want to take writing? You don’t have to be a pro at it to enjoy and learn from writing. Indeed, if you had deadlines to deal with, and other stresses, would you wish to keep writing for money? Poe survived solely by his writing, but drank like a fish and died at 40. Much more recently, Gary Larson (_The Far Side_) retired from the syndicate and now plays guitar in a rock band. He still does books and calendars – on his own terms. He lives somewhere in Oregon, like me… But don’t let me discourage you if you have a dream, aspiration, ambition, desire. I noticed that this was your first post in a while. Could you do me a favor and visit my own blog again? I think I have 56 posts in all now. I’d love some feedback. Thanks, Rob PS. Nice photograph. Did you take it?

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    • I hear you on everything but I’m gonna keep pushing haha and I wish I took that photograph, and indeed it was my first post in a while but I intend to actually start posting more consistently moving forward thanks so much once more for reading Rob!!

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      • I wish you the best of luck in your enterprise. If I were healthy, I’d go for broke, too. I felt suicidal again Monday. Dunno where it came from, except it’s related to my illness. It had nothing to do with you or anyone else. The weirdest thing about schizophrenia is that you can be the nicest person in the world and still be a victim. My psychiatrist really likes me, so if he says I have to be hospitalized, I will trust his judgment. I must rely on somebody. Dr Telew is very keen and experienced; knowledgeable. He’s been my friend since Dec 1991. Anyway, break a leg, Oscar! Set the world on fire and keep feeling good. Maybe someday we’ll both be rich and famous.

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  3. I don’t have an agent either. I’m such a doubtful person that anyone would want to read my writing. Some day I will finally self-publish probably on Smashwords and/or Amazon. I will also further explore AWAI then just let the chips fall where they may. Here’s hoping the better gets better and better for you. 🙂

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  4. Hello, Oscar. Can you do me a big favor? Simply visit my blog at and view a few posts. My stats aren’t so great right now, and I need your help. Perhaps you could become my follower? Please at least read “On Flaubert.” Good luck with your own career path. I will always be your fan. Rob

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  5. Hi, dude. I’m just another John Stuart Mill in casual American clothes. Ha-ha. Really, writing seems vain. Thanks for liking my comment. I wish you all the best. Blogging has taught me more about myself. I can compare myself with heroes like John Lennon and see that I’m just another mortal. There indeed is such a thing as justice for those who can see. The best of us get blown away because we’re too good for society. The bell curve always wins – but for you and me. Let us make the world a better place. All it takes is courage to stand up against injustice. John Lennon is my hero because he asked a homeless schizophrenic person into his mansion for soup and bread. He had a huge heart – like my mother. Lennon was so brilliant. Thanks for reading me. Rob


  6. Back again. Thanks so much for giving me 15 views! You’re my only American fan. Maybe I can make a profession of writing? I’m 50yo, so I might have a couple of decades left. I presume that you’re in your 20s or 30s. Go for broke! I’m right behind you. And again on Lennon: he wrote the song, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” for their agent, Brian Epstein. Lennon was such a compassionate soul, and totally anti-Christian. He’s like a brother to me. I hope you have a wonderful day. Rob PS. And it really is all about justice in the absolute. Sigh. I’ve taken so much crap from Christians. Where does conservatism end?


  7. Hi, Oscar1 Gloria here! I loved your “Catharsis.” It expresses a universal truth, which is that we can create our own reality. If you choose to focus on peace and harmony, you will experience peace and harmony. Keep getting your writing out there and just dong that will creatie opportunites for you that you never dreamed of. Recently, I was asked to teach a course because the original teacher had gotten sick at the last minute and they were desperate to have someone teach anything. I’m not a professional writer, but I taught the course for 9 weeks and used my blog as examples of different methods of narration, etc., and people loved it! It was such a gratifying experience. And to think that I was going to turn down this great opportunity because I originally didn’t want to commit the time, but I’m so glad I did. I have to keep reminding myself that when an opportunity presents itself, to choose the bigger life.Thank you for liking my work!

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    • I wholeheartedly agree with that perspective! We need to meditate on peace and harmony to find peace and harmony in our lives that’s a fantastic distillation of what I’m getting at. That’s really amazing that you got to teach a course like that!! And that’s a really fantastic sentence, “when an opportunity presents itself, to choose the bigger life” I believe that to be very much so the right approach when you find yourself at a crossroad. No problem at all I think you had a great interviewing style asking good guiding questions and it was nice to learn about a new artist I’ll look out for Jean Capalbo in the future! I certainly hope you’re right that if I keep getting my writing out there opportunities will arise haha thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and I wish nothing but the best for you! Happy blogging!! 🙂

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  8. Hi, Oscar! Gloria again! I liked how you put in a music video and used that gorgeous photo of the ocean. You might want to cite the source of both the video (which is already identifiable, so that’s not such a big deal to cite), but whoever took the photo deserves credit, just as you would like to get credit for your writing, If you can find the source, cite it at the end of your piece. This way, I think you can protect yourself from liability. So, just right click on the photo and then click on “Search Google for Image,” I did that, and when it came it, it said “Best Guess for this image: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.” If someone doesn’t like that you’ve used their work, they’ll let you know, but at least you’ve made a good faith effort at giving them credit. I could be wrong, but I always think that the intention to be forthright offers at least a little protection against liability.

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    • Hi Gloria! I agree with you they really do and there are terrific photographers out there but the photographs that I use on my blog I pretty much use from a site called “unsplash” and this specific photo is from , so I believe many different sites have used it for their own purposes and they come up when you do a google search. But yeah I do want to give credit to photographers so in future I probably should mention who has taken the pictures even though they’re under Creative Commons Zero, I’ve simply avoided doing so mainly because they’re available for commercial uses and a concern that credit mentions would break the flow of pieces I write. And I agree with the sentiment that the routing to the youtube channel should be credit enough considering it’s easy to find out where the music is coming from, but certainly I appreciate all constructive feedback and I really appreciate your taking the time to explore my blog! All the best to you Gloria!!


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