Peaky Blinders

Some shows just deserve way more recognition than they receive.

If you like raw nostalgia for the Roaring Twenties, then you’ll like Peaky Blinders.

It’s a show of constant turmoil, mixed allegiances, ruthless ambition, gang violence, and lots of alcohol. The main character Tommy Shelby (played by the brilliant Cillian Murphy) leads a gang known as the ‘Peaky Blinders’ as they seek sway and influence in a world where other gangs hold the real power. Ultimately it seems there’s no amount of money and control that satisfies Tommy’s lust for power, and the results may be catastrophic for those around him. It’s also at least partly based on an actual historical group from Birmingham known as the Peaky Blinders, so there’s that added dimension of knowing this type of ruthless gang violence was once a chilling reality. It all makes for a unique backdrop for a drama.

It’s certainly worth a watch if you’re ever bored on a Saturday afternoon and want to try out a new series. It’s not exactly the most family friendly show, and there are moments where you just want to cringe it’s so gruesome, but in the end it makes for a very entertaining and uniquely captivating experience. There’s dark humor along the way, and some especially impressive/hilarious performances from Tom Hardy in Season 2, so it’s not exclusively doom and gloom. My only real issue with my viewing of it is that whenever I stream a BBC series on Netflix it seems to be choppy, but that’s a knock on the streaming not on the series itself. The show itself is pretty much gold.

Season 3 doesn’t look like it’s going to be coming out until later in the year, but for those not yet caught up it’s worth a shot. Some shows take more chances than others, and I feel like they take a lot of chances with plot in Peaky Blinders. I found satisfaction in its unpredictability.

Peaky Blinders Post Picture

I love when a show surprises me.

42 thoughts on “Peaky Blinders

  1. Oh, lots of surprises and very gruesome in parts but absolutely brilliant and one of my favourite series in recent years. I didn’t know a third one was coming out – yeah! Thank you for telling me and great review.

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  2. You’re the second person in as many months who has recommended Peaky Blinders! I’m a fan of many different BBC series and so this definitely seems worth a shot; I’ll see if my public library system has seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, because I don’t do the Netflix or streaming thing. Also I’d need it to be closed captioned. Thanks for the reminder to check this out!

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    • I’m happy to know that it’s talked about I wish the show was better viewed!! The BBC does seem to do it right more often than not, great drama I highly recommend it thank you for the kind comment!! 🙂


  3. And to my utmost surprise your absence was poking me a since past few days … And though you will be just with work so I should not disturb by posting you…. And was also eagerly waiting for ur next rite up never thought before I will demand for one… It will come pouring on my way in such an unusual way thanks…..

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  4. Oh, this series was absolutely brilliant in its cinematography and story-telling. And I agree that they took lots of risks – the kind you don’t see in Hollywood. I’ve been waiting quite a while for Season 3 – should probably do a re-watch soon! Around the same time that I got hooked on this, I was also watching The Hour (also brilliant – also BBC) and that got cancelled (which broke my heart). I was crossing my fingers that the same wouldn’t happen to Peaky Blinders.

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    • It’s crazy the plot lines they had going in this show I felt on edge all the time, I’m waiting for that third season too!! I’ve never heard of The Hour I’m gonna have to check that out now shame when great shows don’t get picked back up, this long wait for season 3 had me worried but at least they’re going to have it coming in the Fall can’t wait!!

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  5. Thanks for the heads up on Peaky Blinders; I love a good series, so I’ll be checking it out. Also, do write about all cheese or just specific types? I love a good cheese, too.

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  6. Peaky Blinders eh, ? I am out of the loop 😉 Not much t.v. or Netflix here…. I have gone through some of your writings. Very good indeed! Thank you for the like, and I shall return! Have a good day/evening. 🙂

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    • It’s a solid show pretty dark but well made that’s terrible that there’s no Netflix where you are! And you’re more than welcome that’s amazing that you’ve been published in journals hopefully I can get published someday too and it sounds like you have a wonderful family!! And thank you so much for the compliment it’s been great having this blog up and running and interacting with other bloggers I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy meeting new people through the blogosphere, have a good day/evening as well and happy blogging to you!! 🙂

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    • That’s the truth the cinematography on this show is fantastic, and the music always seems to fit the mood I’m happy to hear I’m not the only fan of the show!! Thank you for the comment!!


  7. Yes! Peaky Blinders is such a fantastic show. I feel like what makes it so great is not just the historical setting but also the characters, directing, writing and acting all put together to create an captivating show. I wonder what you thought of Series 3 now that it’s already fully out? & That fan video is brilliant, I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before!

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    • It really is a fantastic show!! I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t yet seen it so please don’t read the rest of this comment if you haven’t lmao

      I really enjoyed Season 3 I wonder what Tommy’s plans are for saving his family from the authorities, I’d expect they’ll be out of custody within the first couple episodes in season 4 but I think he’s lost all the trust of the people closest to him for the moment. I really enjoy every season it’s extremely well written and the acting is phenomenal especially from Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. Happy to know people are watching the show it’s so well made!! =D

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      • I’ve already watched it haha don’t worry & I completely agree! I think from now on it will change his relationship with at least a few of his family members. And yup, Cillian and Tom are brilliant as usual :3

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