I Believe

This is by far one of the best songified videos I’ve ever seen, thank ya kindly PBS.

I’ve always found Bob Ross’s painting videos interesting because he was apparently a drill sergeant in the military and had to scream at people all day every day and next boot camp.

Then he was so calm when he painted on his TV show. What a contrast.

I get the feels when I listen to this songified Bob Ross episode. It resonates with me not only because the musical accompaniment to his songified voice works so well, but also because I feel that there are parallels between the way he describes painting and the way I, and I would think most writers, experience writing.

You’re the creator. You find freedom on the canvas. And there is so much you can do with that freedom. Fluff it, a touch, a push, so many color combinations, so many endless options.

In writing, you find freedom in the blank screen. There are no limits. There are no rules. It’s you against a blinking cursor until it gets done. So many stories to tell, so many ways to go about writing them. And once you get into the right flow, and stop over-analyzing your every action, it can go on and on and on.

You start by believing here (points to noggin) because if you don’t believe that you can write, you won’t ever be able to.

If you can’t get past that self-doubt, if you don’t beat out that background sound of negativity with the sound of the keyboard clacking, you’ll be in a bad spot.

You need to have faith, and take that leap into your mind.

The reality I guess is that much of the positive advice in the video carries parallels to a lot of different things in life. Many different endeavors, different ambitions, could draw inspiration from a video like this one.

But I definitely know that every day’s a good day when you write.

And whatever you want to do in life, whatever arena it is, you can do it too. Find freedom in that knowledge.

I believe.

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48 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. Thanks, Oscar, for the reminder that I can “cross train” with a different artistic discipline. Freedom on the canvas is something I can see and learn from. My next chapter is needing some “happy little clouds.” 🙂
    Happy A to Z!

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  2. I loved this post. Bob Ross was such an inspiring artist, I grew up watching his work and believing that I could learn to paint as beautifully as he did (never happened, lol- but it did inspire my creativity!) I have a friend who was a painter, who just lost his wife and is using his art to deal with his grief, I am going to tell him to check out your post- I know he will love it.

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    • Bob Ross was a great, truly talented person with a gift for making people believe they could accomplish their artistic goals. It takes a special individual to be able to make you not only hear but feel a positive message like that. Judging by the dragon I saw on your site I’d say you’re a pretty damn good artist, that’s talent. And I’m sorry to hear about your friend that’s awful, but I’m happy to hear that he finds solace in his art I wish him well in his future. I lost my father recently and I found my solace through my writing. He was the one I wrote for, I always wanted him to see what I’d created. Writing the rest of my book helped me through the worst of that period. The benefits of art as therapy are too often overlooked blessings to you and your friend

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      • Blessings to you dear new friend. It means a lot to me that you met my dragon friend Felix. Thank-you for your kind words- our creative babies are dear to us.

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      • I am truly looking forward to discovering more of your work, both on this blog- and in published form. You will make it, I believe 🙂 you have that honest, straight from the soul ‘voice’ that reaches people. Until later!

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      • I don’t think you have any idea how much those words mean to me haha thank you so very much!! I hope to reach those lofty expectations, I’ll keep going at the blank page with renewed energy. Until later! 🙂

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  3. Bob Ross was wonderful. I really enjoyed his show. I’m so surprised to read this about his background. A drill sergeant, I would never have guessed. Still, it proves that people who serve in the armed forces develop talents somewhere. He really had a gentle nature under that gruff exterior.

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    • Bob Ross had a unique knack for making people believe they could paint, I know for a fact I could never paint or at the very least it would take a strong concerted effort on my part to graze something that could be called talent in regards to painting haha but he just carried so much positive energy that when I see his videos I feel almost like I could. I’ve transmuted a lot of that inspiration towards writing. It feels like it’s rare to find such positive people in the world, he will be sorely missed

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  4. Great post, Oscar. I remember seeing him on PBS channels, but did not know either that he was in the military. Had I known that, I would have imagined his kind mannerism and face superimposed on my own drill instructors, as they yelled at me — often just inches away from my face — when I was in boot camp! 🙂

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    • I’ve never experienced the rigors of a boot camp I can only imagine! It is really shocking to think that he had to be so angry and such an enforcer before, he really seemed to find peace in his art! Bob Ross was a special person, it feels like it’s hard to find people like him in the world, thank you so much for the comment and visiting my blog!!

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    • LOL I hadn’t seen it until you mentioned it but I just looked up that Boondocks clip just now that’s gold lmao it reminds me a lot of how Chappelle did Wayne Brady before back on the Chappelle Show. They made Bob Ross, somebody so kind and gentle, into the most gangster character hahah Bob Ross truly was a G in his own way though all ready, thanks for letting me know about this clip!! 😀


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