I was suddenly struck today by the profound realization that it had been quite some time since I had eaten a Snickers bar.

I ate them always as a kid. I ate them always as a teenager. But in recent years, I honestly can’t remember the last year I ate one.

It left me wondering how much our tastes change over the years, and how differently our minds and desires operate as we grow older. Or rather, how much these tastes get nudged in new directions by the endless onslaught of advertisements that bombard our brains. I hadn’t even thought about eating a Snickers in a while. But suddenly today as I was taking a shower, I felt an urge to eat just go eat a Snickers.

And it all sparked from me being confused about how the hell the Snickers marketing campaign got the Brady Bunch to actually look like they were pushing their product.

It left me with a secondary realization that effective marketing really is the difference between an impulse buy of a Snickers over every other fucking candy on that shelf. Companies need to reach and tickle another layer of your consciousness to influence you in those moments where you think you’re making a judgment all by yourself.

Everyday as the years stack on, I am more and more convinced of an obvious yet still profound reality of our society. We all ready know it. But we’d all do well to remember it.

Marketing is power.

35 thoughts on “Candy

  1. I’m wondering why that Snickers urge hit you in the shower? Is it because you had a moment to let your mind wander? Maybe marketers would be interested in that. Shower ads? πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, consumerism and advertising prevail even when we don’t realise it! Interesting post

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    • Truth be told I have no idea why it was in the shower haha my mind tends to wander a lot and showers are a place of solitude and introspection for me I think. You got me wondering if marketers would start targeting moments where they know people’s minds will wander in their commercials to get consumers thinking about those products when they find themselves in those moments. I hadn’t thought of it from that angle haha it’s true consumerism and advertising have a stronger passive effect on us than we realize, thanks so much for checking out my post! πŸ™‚

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  2. Great post and very informative. I enjoyed reading it and now I need a snickers too. Blame it on the commercial! πŸ˜‰ Thanks a lot for sharing and have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

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  3. Advertisers have always understood the power of the subliminal message; for example, they used to splice in stills of popcorn, coke, and candy into the movies at the theaters. And the enormous power of nostalgia, when combined with comedy advertising, sends consumers out the door to help Madison Avenue pitch-men exceed the 1960’s “Mad-Men” approach or even a Darrin Stevens. As far as the Snickers commercials are concerned, my personal favorite was the one some years back where a football player gets his bell rung, and tries to tell coaches and players alike, that he’s Batmen. Damn… now I need a Snickers, and its all your fault Oscar! :O)

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    • It’s true it’s an artform, they compile so much plot into a very finite space, and the best of them get their message across within that brief time frame it’s honestly something to be admired! I’m not so much ridiculing advertising in this post I’m just recognizing it’s influence, very true like you said that some of the best stories on TV are commercials!

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    • No problem at all, thank you so much for coming by my blog and checking it out as well! So happy you liked the article! Marketing really does have a certain unexpected power over us whether we know it or not

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